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Behavioral Task Assignment

Behavioral Task Assignment (BTA) is a core component of cognitive- behavioral therapies and evidence-based treatments. It involves giving the client specific tasks to perform as homework, in order to promote change and accomplish specific goals.


Goal Setting

Goal Setting (GS) in treatment allows clients to clearly define what they want. With your help, your client can channel their energy toward accomplishing specific aims or making small steps toward larger or more difficult changes.


Motivational Interviewing

Motivational Interviewing (MI) is a clinical approach intended to increase the likelihood that your client will engage in change-congruent behaviors. Using proven strategies and interaction styles to elicit change talk, you can help your client feel motivated to work towards change.


Chain Analysis

Chain Analysis is a specific assessment tool that you can use with your clients to help both of you make sense of the origins, vulnerability factors, prompting events, consequences, and potential solutions around problem behaviors.


Case Formulation

A case formulation is a coherent assessment that includes working hypotheses about what is causing and maintaining a client’s problems. It also documents comprehensive background information, outlines a treatment plan, and keeps track of questions requiring follow-up.


I struggled for years to understand what got in the way of progress with some of my Veterans. By learning about best practices for PTSD, I realized that many of my Veterans were struggling with issues that made it difficult for them to focus on treatment. Once I figured out how to address chronic pain, nightmares, and insomnia more effectively, my success rates skyrocketed and I noticed a huge jump in their quality of life and wellbeing. This has rejuvenated me in my clinical work.

— VA psychologist for 20 years